Welcome: May God Bless You In All You Do!

  Praise God  for His Promises to us.  What He said He would do, He'll do for You!

  God has given me a vision of going to all the world and preaching the Word with signs and wonders following. I've been blessed to minister on 5 continents, go to 37 nations, preach and minister in 33 and go on 54 mission trips then travel and minister throughout the United States. I've trained others and have taken them all over the world seeing God show up with mighty miracles in the name of Jesus!  I have been blessed to be a part of starting churches, bible schools and healing schools in many nations of the world.

  God can use anybody that is willing to say "Yes, Lord here I am, Use Me, Send Me"!

  What is it you are believing for?  God is able and willing to fulfill your hearts desire and to bless you until you have no more room to contain it.

  I've experienced my visions from God coming forth before my eyes in total amazement at His Glory. 

  The picture of a rainbow on my picture is a reminder of an open vision God gave me.  As I was standing in my kitchen Praising Him, He gave me an open vision of a rainbow that came down from His throne and right to me. With that vision, He spoke, "All  My Promises Are For You".

  I saw God pouring His blessing's and promises into the rainbow and them coming down upon me.  I will never be the same. 

    God gave me a song as my prayer partner and
    I were praying and praising Him.  These are the words He gave me:  

     The Heavens are open, The Heavens are open
     The Heavens are open, All over you
     Take all of my promises, for you and your family
     The Heavens are open, All over you!                         

   Rev. Norma Stibbs  
 God is no respector of persons, and what He did for me, He will do for You!
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