My favorite memories of preaching on the mission field are always those with my Spiritual Mom, Frances Hunter. 

 I've been so blessed to travel the world with her, preaching, teaching and ministering healing. 

 I miss her more than words can express but I know she is shouting Hallelujah with Jesus!

The look on her face as she was looking at me is one of pure Love.

 She once said to me in a meeting in Brazil that every time she looked at me the look of Love on my face for her just pulled the anointing out of her. 

What more can you ever ask for, what Love!
The Look on Frances Face as she is looking at me is Pure Love!
 In the weeks and months to come, I hope to share some photos of the Nations of the World in which I've been blessed and being blessed to minister in. 

There are lots of photos and plenty of work doing this myself, so please be patient with me as I do my best.  

 My purpose in all this is to say to you: "If I can do it, You can do it too!"

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Charles and Frances Hunter are Together Again. 

 Frances Hunter                                    Charles Hunter
May 8, 1916 - July 14, 2009              July 23, 1920 - June 21, 2010

On June 21st at 11 pm Charles was reunited with Frances for all eternity.

Charles and Frances have lived enough for 50 people and seen more miracles within one week of their ministry than most witness in a lifetime. Countless thousands have been saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit through their ministry. Many thousands have been trained to heal the sick thus multiplying the healing message like liquid gold spreading across the globe. 

Two obedient people with hearts sold out to God listened to their heavenly Father and spread His word, His grace, His mercy, and His healing power wherever they went. Their zeal for everything God had to offer was contagious. Everyone who met them or heard them speak was forever changed. 

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This is Arabesque, the home of  Baron and Baroness di Portanova. Their beautiful mansion in Acapulco. We went to this gorgeous mansion with a 3 story waterfall inside the house. This was in honor of Mama Frances' 80th birthday.  This was a trip I will never forget.  What an honor this was.
Baron & Baroness di Portanova
 This swimming pool starts inside the home
Charles and Frances were honored all over the world by Presidents, Kings,  Archbishops, Barons and every high office there is.  What an honor it was to be with them in Acapulco and on Mama Frances' 80th birthday.  We've celebrated together in the Nations of the World and saw thousands come to Jesus as savior, baptizer and healer. To God Be The Glory!