I love to do Weddings and I've been doing them for over  24 years now.  Wow how time fly's when you're doing the things you love to do.  I  stand with each and every couple I marry. My desire is to see you have the kind of wedding that you want and the kind of marriage that God has ordained for you.

  I started out doing my first wedding at a truck stop, then in a chapel, a large church, garden, patio, restaurant, home, airplane, backyard, park, on a deck, country clubs and yes even a horse stable and a barn.

  It's all about sitting with each couple and putting together a wedding day that is right for them and meets their hearts desire.

  My weddings are wonderful and my premarital's are fun!

  If you're interested in a minister to do your wedding and help you plan that special day, give me a call.

Large Church Wedding  
Small Chapel Wedding
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 Personalized Weddings
Rev. Norma Stibbs
Large Formal Wedding
Informal Barn Wedding
At a Hall with a DJ
Bride & Groom enjoying their special day
Inside Cowboy Wedding
This little guy was having lots of fun.
Barn Wedding
Outside Cowboy Wedding
Groom & Groomsmen 
1 last toast together
Church in the Woods
Hall Wedding
Here is the Airplace Wedding Everybody wanted to see, enjoy. Be sure to click on each picture to open it up.
Here I am with the groom
The Bride waiting
Our plane will seat 6
Me with the Best Man
Off we go on a very cloudy and windy day.
Groom radios down to those on the ground. 
Oh No, he says this is it, too late to back out, and her look changes and they are no longer holding hands.
We are laughing cause the best man started to get sick and I took authority over it. There was no place for him to get sick except on me...lol
Now they are One, and more relaxed and having fun.
Now we can relax.
We are back on the ground, it is very windy and the bride is reading to get out of the plane with her husband helping her. When she steps out her dress blows up over her head, at least she was able to laugh about it. Oh no, I am next to get out.

I am trying to avoid what happened to the bride.
The pilot helped me with my coat.
It was nice seeing Delaware from the air.
They're all Blessed & Beautiful Weddings.