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I've been blessed to help Pastors  all over the United States to help start outreach ministries and missions in their churches.  I have an Acts 20:20 
vision which I took the day I was ordained that I would hold nothing back from the the body of Christ, the church of God.

Acts 20:20 (kjv)
" And how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have shewed you, and have taught you publicly, and from house to house"

It's wonderful to share the word, the knowledge and the material that is needed to help the Pastors just starting a church or maybe needing  help to train and equip the believers to do the work of the ministry.  This  frees the Pastor and allows for the time needed to do the other things on a busy schedule.

In New York I ministered in a church 2 times and the people grabbed hold of the word and did it.  The church began to grow so rapidly the Pastor said they had to purchase a new building before the end of the year. 

What a wonderful problem to have.

I've taught healing and trained the believers that they can lay hands on the sick and see them recover.  We then have a special meeting and let them minister.  The excitement on a persons face when they pray for somebody and see them get healed is beyond words. Glory to God!

I Train people for prayer room ministry so they can take others through the scriptures and lead them in a prayer of salvation, baptism of the Holy Spirit and and get them released in their prayer language and delivered  from the things the enemy is saying and doing to them to keep them from God's provision for their life.

I've also done many marriage seminars as well as healing seminars.

If you need help in any of the areas of outreach, missions or would like to have a healing meeting either in your church or meeting place, please contact me by email or phone.
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